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Last month I blogged about the ACTU Targeting Job Security. Independent Contractors Australia has a response on their site that asserts the ACTU-driven survey actually disproves their own assertions that workers want more secure work.

Here’s a summary breakdown of their analysis of the figures:


Profile of respondents

  • Some 42,000 responded, a big survey by any measure.
  • 98% union members.
  • 64% women.
  • 72% come from the caring industries of healthcare, education, welfare and public administration.
  • Educated, with 79% having a diploma or higher.
  • 60% over 45 years of age.
  • Higher percentage have mortgages than the general population – 52% to 35%.
  • More likely to have permanent jobs (85%).
  • 63% work between 35 and 40 hrs a week.

Overwhelmingly, the survey reflects the attitudes of white-collar, educated females working in public-sector or publicly funded jobs in the clerical, professional, community services, health and education areas. Most appeared to have a managerial position of some sort.

On job security

  • 80% did not rate secure jobs as important to them.
  • 78% did not rate job security as a top industrial issue.
  • 61% worked additional hours but seemed to do so by choice.
  • Most common reason cited for people who worked part-time was because they preferred it. Only 8% worked part-time because they could not find full-time work.
  • Of youth in the survey looking for reliability of work, only 15% were searching because they could not find permanent work.

On job satisfaction

  • 70% satisfied with their working conditions.
  • 85% were satisfied with work.
  • 69% expressed no dissatisfaction with senior managers and 76% had not experienced problems with their supervisors.
  • 67% said managers showed interest in their working conditions.

On outside hours work

  • 73% were contacted out of hours about work matters.
  • 51% had attended work while sick.
  • 75% feel comfortable taking time off work to care for the sick etc.


These results directly contradict the ACTU’s own campaigning which says the majority of union workers support their Secure Work campaign. The survey results actually show a high level of professionalism and commitment to work.

Read more of the ICA analysis at their site.


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