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We’ve had some great questions come in about the VA industry for the blog hopping tour and I’ve posted them below.

Remember that on April 16 (that’s April 17 for Australia) the Blog Hopping VA Sharon Williams will be visiting the blog to respond to your questions about the VA industry and the Online International VA Convention scheduled May 20-22. So please remember to mark your calendar to come back during the day on April 16 (or 17th in the Southern Hemisphere) to get the answers and post more questions … or to comment on the answers that Sharon gives.


  • Why would I use a $40/hr VA if I can get one for $2/hr?
  • What can a VA do for me? I have secretarial/admin staff – aren’t I just paying twice?
  • It seems that lots of people still don’t know our industry exists. What can we do to get more exposure and educate the public?
  • I’m hopeless / uncomfortable at delegating – can you suggest the best way for me to get started with a VA to “ease” into it?  I see the value of a VA but just don’t feel comfortable letting go of the business, or delegating tasks.
  • Whilst VAs have great support with each other on forums and the like do we all have a backup plan in the event we lose important internet connections (speaking from experience) may I suggest the benefit of a USB wireless broadband which can be prepaid for emergencies – even power outages and other reasons. How many have faced such issues and what do they suggest for such issues?
  • How do I know this particular VA is suited to what I require?
  • Why should I pay to go to OIVAC when I can find a lot of the information I need for free?

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    Be sure when you post your question to check the ‘Notify me of follow up comments’ box so you will be notified of the answers to your questions!

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