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CloudOn App to be Discontinued


Tweet The people at CloudOn recently notified registered users that they are discontinuing the service from 15 March, 2015 and no new accounts are currently being accepted. The app was launched three years ago and in the intervening period has become one of the most successful productivity apps in the App store, according to the […]

Cloud Storage Explained


Tweet I read an interesting analogy for cloud storage the other day that might help those of you who don’t really understand it. The Babbage Blog at The Economist explains it this way: “Consider the purchase of a home in two adjacent gated communities. Both have houses with truly impregnable locks. In one community, whenever […]

Security of the Cloud


Tweet Do you have your data in the clouds? Many people are starting to use ‘the cloud’ for data storage with services like Dropbox but recent reports about potential security issues with the service may have you wondering if it’s all such a great idea. I won’t bore you with all the tech details – […]