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Your Digital Legacy


Tweet This week saw the passing of one of our VA colleagues and it got me thinking… what do you do with your digital footprint once you’ve passed? We hear a lot in business about risk management, succession planning, ensuring your partner has access to your passwords, insurance policies and so on. Some businesses even […]

New Year Changes to SME Regulations


Tweet Is your business across the regulatory changes affecting SMEs in 2012? Here are the top ones, according to the Smart Company website. Queensland is one of four states set to be ready for the national harmonised OH&S laws where companies have broader obligations to consult with people performing work, including contractors; officers of a […]

Carbon Tax – Small Business Still Has a Voice


Tweet As of 8 November 2011 Australia has carbon tax legislation with the tax due to come into effect mid-2012 with a starting price of $23/tonne. This article is not going to be on whether it’s a good or bad thing – and I have my own opinion on how effective I think it will […]