Do You Brand Your Car?


Do you brand your car with your business name and/or logo? Do you brand your clothing? What about your staff? Are they out advertising your business?

If you do then it is imperative that you remember your business is always on show. That means your behaviour and the behaviour of your staff is going to be a direct reflection on your business.

Some examples:

Let’s say you have your company logo or name emblazoned on your vehicle. You’re on the road stuck behind a ‘Sunday Driver’. You get annoyed. You’re going to be late for an important meeting. So after tailgating for a while, you finally get the opportunity and whiz past at break-neck speed, with or without hand gestures, expletives or dirty looks. More than likely that person won’t just say “Oh look at that idiot”. They’ll see your badging and say “Well look at that idiot from XYZ!”

Here’s an example I saw recently. I took my daughter to a birthday party during the school holidays held at a city ice rink. It was a weekday and in the morning. Around mid-morning three men walked in and began mucking about on the ice. No problem there, except they had the name of the construction company they worked for emblazoned across the back of their work uniforms. Now, it may be that they were on a break and that’s fine. But that’s not the first thing that came into the heads of anyone looking on.

And here’s one from a TV show recently. Father and son decide to rob the local convenience store. They deck themselves out in the appropriate headwear and enter the store – with ‘McRae & Son’ embroidered across the back of their overalls.

So remember that whilst advertising your business on clothing and motor vehicles is a great way to passively advertise your business, you must remember your actions – and those of your staff – will be on constant display and the flow-on effects from any negative behaviour could be severely damaging to your business and your brand.

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