Don’t Let an Opportunity Pass You By


It became apparent to me a local business missed a massive marketing and community engagement opportunity recently.

With the release of ‘Saving Mr Banks’ our local cinema (the only one that services our entire region) had a golden opportunity to engage with community via things like wine and cheese opening nights, private showings, birthday parties, hire the screen from Council and set it up at the Allora park. (Allora is a local village where PL Travers spent just a couple of years of her youth and the home is recreated in the movie.) There are just so many things that could’ve been done with a show that – even if only very briefly and no matter how remotely – has a connection to a local village!

How many marketing opportunities will you miss out on this year because you are focused on ‘making money’ over engagement with potential customers? Or because you are focused on what you ‘do’ over thinking outside the box and finding opportunities for exposure?


© Lyn Prowse-Bishop – eSOS

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