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I know this blog is more often focused on the VA industry and business-related matters but I received a phone call today that prompts me to post something of a more personal nature.

How often do you tell the people close to you that you love them? Or how much they mean to you?

Unfortunately it’s not something that is practiced regularly in many cultures for one reason or another – most often cited is “I’ve been busy”.

I received a phone call today from my younger brother. We often refer to ourselves as ‘the twins’ having been born not only on the same day but at precisely the same time – albeit two years apart.

He called to tell me that on Friday night he had a car accident – one that should have cost not only him but the other driver their lives. It was one of those freak things and an accident to which he had not contributed in the least. Long story short: four-lane highway with median strip in the middle; the other driver (coming the other way) lost control of her vehicle, mounted the median strip – airborne – landed in the path of my brother’s car and he T-boned her passenger side, having time only to react to the car that suddenly appeared side-on in front of him. His bonnet stopped at her handbrake.

Neither of them were injured – a few bruises, scratches and muscle soreness but thankfully nothing serious. The attending emergency services looked at my brother and said “By rights at least one of you should be dead”.

When I was 6 I saved my then 4-year-old brother from drowning when he leaned into a friend’s pool to retrieve a floating toy and fell in. (This was in the days before compulsory pool fencing!) I’ll never forget his HUGE eyes looking up at me as he went down for the second time and I just reacted – leaning into the water and physically reefing him out by the arm and onto the poolside. After he finished spluttering we went in to see our mum and he was all dripping. I said “He’s wet. Can we go swimming now?”

He went on to join the Army and later the Air Force and has been in some pretty scary situations I’m sure in the ensuing years – and now works as a civilian consultant for the Government in defence.

Although we remain in touch via email, it had been quite some time since we’d actually spoken on the phone. As you can imagine, we both said a tonne of “I love yous” before hanging up.

I tell my husband and daughter I love them every single day – but nowhere near enough do I tell my brothers – or my friends how much they mean to me and how grateful I am for them. So, publicly, here and now I’m sending out into the Web my love and gratitude for each and every one of you for what you bring to my life. I would not be the person I am today without you.

I also send my gratitude to whatever forces were looking out for my little brother Friday night.

Hug your loved ones and don’t take any one of them for granted.

Friends are here for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Be grateful for yours and express yourself!

© Lyn Prowse-Bishop,


  1. *eyes welling up* … what a lovely post Lyn and how so true! I tell my boys I love them at least a dozen times a day and I kiss them all the time, even if we’re just watching TV. I will be very sad they day they say they are ‘too old’ for that – hopefully they never will be!

    We should all make more of an effort to express ourselves as it is too late when they’re not around anymore. Live without regrets.

    Luv ya Lyn …

  2. Monika says:

    Lyn, I totally agree that we get too busy or think it’s not important or perhaps to embarrassed to express are gratitude and love and give big hugs to those people in our lives that make a difference and that we care about.

    So I also say a big thank you and cyber hugs to all those people in my life (and Lyn of course) who I care about and have touched my heart.

  3. Scary stuff, Lyn. Reminds me of a few months ago when my brother in Sydney phoned to tell me he’d been knocked off his bike by a van the previous evening. No broken bones, just the bark scraped off him in quite a few places. When a close call happens, It does make you realise how different it might have been and how lucky we all are to have people in our lives whom we love and who love us.

  4. execva says:

    I was just so grateful I received the call from him and heard his voice – rather than the one we could’ve received. And I bet the girl’s family feel precisely the same way.

    Thank you all for your comments. If nothing else I hope it starts our week off the right way – with love and with gratitude.

  5. Delores Vigil says:

    Thanks for the reminder. Way too long since I called my “little” brother! And, since I have grandkids, an added reminder: tell everyone how proud you are of them. We don’t say that enough either.
    Gotta go and call now.

  6. It is such an uplifting story and you are so right we don’t express our love for family and friends nearly enough. Thank you for sharing and I am so glad your brother is ok.

  7. Sue Gross says:

    So very glad he’s okay Lyn. ‘I love you’ has always been said a lot in our family and I’m so grateful for that. It’s something that’s very easy to say when you mean it and it means so much to hear it.

    Peace and love to all!

  8. Fiona says:

    A great reminder Lyn. I found out at the weekend that a friend had died suddenly overseas – he was 42 – the same age as me!

    It was certainly a bit of a wake up call in terms of living my life to the full, and remembering to tell those I love how special and dear they are to me.

    I’m glad it was a happy ending for your brother, and you!

    Fiona 🙂

  9. The Friday night our daughter died Graham thought he should ring her but was busy packing for an MTB race. We were leaving early the following morning to go to Bendigo. I told him I’d received an email from her only the night before and had emailed her back, and one of our daughters was going to her bon voyage party the very next night so he decided not to take the time. How we wish he did call her now. Something happened that evening, we’ll probably never know what. We just know she came home (she lived with friends) feeling miserable, said she was unwell and going to bed. That was the last time anyone saw her alive.

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