Facebook … wherefore art thou?


Facebook Down

Well the inevitable happened! Last night – for no matter how briefly – Facebook went offline!!! It was a very short time, but the shockwave was felt around the world!

At the time – national news time for us here on the east coast of Australia – I was about to start playing a game on my iPad (since I don’t particularly like watching the news) when I noticed my Facebook App trying to start up and crashing. I thought I’d somehow been hacked! I rebooted and tried again. Same problem. So I just put it aside and forced myself to watch the news.

Apparently, according to news.com.au the Twitterverse went off as users were stuck in a limbo resembling something like one of Dante’s rings of hell. An entire generation had a collective aneurysm as smartphones and tablets hung lifeless in their zombie-like grasp. Okay maybe not, but you get the idea!

But in a very short space of time it was back, the world breathed a collective sigh of relief that we didn’t actually have to go back to talking to our families and friends face to face, and all was right with the world again.

It did however highlight one thing that I’ve been speaking about in recent podcasts over at The Virtual Business Show: users do not own Facebook. Relying on the cloud and third party providers to store your precious memories is, well in a word, irresponsible. Servers crash, data is lost, technology is by its very nature fallible. If you rely on it to house the great moments of your life (by which, I am not referring to what you ate for lunch) then you can be sure at some stage, those moments will be lost when some node somewhere fritzes.

Print those special photos and put them in a photo album – yes I think you CAN still get those somewhere! Keep a hard copy CV. And use social media as a toy – not something by which to define your existence.

Did you survive the Facebook apocalypse?

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