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Well you don’t get much for free these days, but yes it’s true. There is free training available to small business owners called Business Building Blocks. BBB is a partnership between Council of Small Business of Australia (COSBOA), Business Enterprise Centres Australia (BECA) and the University of Western Sydney (UWS), and is an Australian Government-funded initiative designed to educate and assist micro-business owners in growing their businesses.

What makes this special is the business training package is designed for people in small business who are skeptical of formal training courses.  This skepticism comes from the experience of many people in business who have been unimpressed with training courses which have often not met their needs, so they are reluctant to pay up front. With the BBB training you do not pay anything until you decide that the training has been worthwhile and at the end of the training you will have a well-developed business plan.  The only time you pay is if you want the qualifications that go with the training, which is a Certificate III in Micro-business Operations.

The training is a great way for people who are thinking of starting a business to get a feel for what they will have to do and manage.

This training is also a way for people who support the small business community to get some knowledge and experience.

The training is offered completely online and provides business owners and their staff with new skills to help grow your business; the flexibility to learn what you want, when you want; and a free interactive business planning tool.

Once enrolled an assessor will be assigned to you. You then complete the learning units and submit a business plan to your assessor using the business plan builder tool on the site. The units covered include investigating business opportunities; developing a business proposal; managing finances/accounts; determining resource requirements; regulatory, tax and insurance compliance; marketing, selling and customer service; and reviewing/maintaining a website.

If you decide you want the Cert III qualification, then the cost of the course is $1,000 for the full course – or you can receive a Statement of Attainment in any of the units for $200 per unit. But remember, you can still do the training for free – and only need to pay if you decide you want the Cert III qualification.


For more information and to register visit the BBB Project website.


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