iLoss – a sad day for entrepreneurism


The passing of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs on 5 October has been a sad day for entrepreneurs and innovators around the globe. Mr Jobs epitomised entrepreneurism – co-founding Apple with Steve Wozniak on April Fool’s day 1976 in his parents’ garage!

Despite being sacked from the company he founded in 1985 – and successfully building Pixar Animation Studios – he was back at Apple in 1997 bringing the company back from the brink of bankruptcy with his particular talent of mixing innovation with marketing finesse second-to-none.

He had an amazing mix of incredible creative genius and marketing ability that saw the release of any product with an ‘i’ before it or an apple icon on it creating almost frenzied hysteria at retail outlets as people clamoured for the latest Apple creation. I’ve heard plenty of people say “Don’t care what it is. If it’s an Apple product I want it”. That’s marketing genius. He transformed the music industry – and later the video industry – with the creation of the iPod and iTunes and has been called “the Beethoven of Business” – his innovative must-have products defining a generation.

Businesses around the world can learn from Steve Jobs. The success of Apple and its products was the direct result of Mr Jobs’ focus on the user experience above all else. He was definitely a technical pioneer and driver of innovation in the industry but more than that his focus was always on ensuring simplicity of use which is at the core of all Apple products.

Steve Jobs epitomised innovation, passion, drive and entrepreneurship at a time when being in business was considered selling out. He made computers personal, less scary, put the internet literally in our pockets, changed the way we think about technology, and created products that have changed our world.

When you use your iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTunes, iStore or your iMac, spare a thought for the man who brought those words and technologies into our homes and daily vocab.

Hopefully his legacy will continue to grow the Apple tree.

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