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OK I took the plunge. I bought a Kindle. After checking out a few of the competing brands I decided to go with the one from Amazon. Probably because that’s where primarily I buy my books from! I got the 6″ Latest Generation version pictured above.

Anyway, I LOVE IT! It is just amazing how I can browse the Amazon store right from the device, select what I want, and it’s downloaded within seconds to the Kindle. Some of the content is actually free – I downloaded Alice in Wonderland for my daughter on the weekend and it cost me nothing.

You can subscribe to leading world newspapers and have them delivered to the device often before they even hit the newstands.

If there is a book you’re thinking of purchasing you can have a sample of it sent to the Kindle for your review before purchase! A great feature!

Another great feature is the Kindle saves your last location in whatever you’re reading. So when you finish what you’re doing and turn it off, then go back to it the next day, the Kindle takes you right to the place you last were in the book. Virtual bookmark!

There is an in-built dictionary so if you’re not sure of the meaning of a word, you can scroll your cursor to it and get on-screen definitions. It also has a search feature with the wireless connectivity allowing you to search either Amazon or the web. (In Australia, the Kindle uses the 3G network.)

You can even upload your own documents from your computer to the Kindle – this is the primary reason I purchased it as I have a lot of PDF eBooks on my computer and prefer to take them with me. Kindle has a service whereby you can send your documents to Amazon and they’ll convert them and send them to your Kindle account for download to the device in a format more suited for reading on the Kindle. (PDFs in their original format CAN be read but the type is quite small.)

You can also upload MP3s and audio books to the Kindle!

I have to say I really love the smell and feel of a book – and this kind of doesn’t give you that same experience. But I really think that this is the way of the future – and in the not too distant future we will see at the very least students using these instead of lugging around all those textbooks!

In the further future could there be a possibility that National Libraries will become the repository for just one copy of every book, with eBook versions being the only way consumers will get their reading material? Think of the trees saved!

Not only the trees but self-published authors in particular stand to make huge cost savings on printing. Think about it. Instead of having to do a minimum print run or print-on-demand, authors can now have their book as an eBook only available for purchase and download on the Amazon store or their sites. They still generate income from sales of their book – true, slightly less nett revenue than the printed version – but they don’t have the costs of printing!

Curling up in front of the fire with a glass of wine and the Kindle may not have the same warmth and romance of doing so with a good book, but there are some decided advantages with this little piece of technology and I don’t think it’s going away any time soon!

I love mine … I think I said that before! … and now that I’ve got the snazzy little leopard print cover for it there’s no stopping me!

Tip: I would suggest if you do purchase one that you make sure you also get a cover from the Kindle store, and also the e-Luminator booklight.

The Kindle is currently US$259 – With the exchange rate the way it is at the moment, now is probably a great time to invest in one!

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  1. Lyn I was so about to ask you on the weekend about whether you had one…now I am so, so extremely 100% jealous lol. Great to hear, it must be fantastic!

  2. Really interesting Lyn. I have been wondering how it would stack against a good old-fashioned book and love your comments about saving trees by not printing books! Great thoughts!

  3. execva says:

    Thanks Toni. I still prefer books of course, but it’ll take a while for the shine to wear of this device! 🙂

    Michele with the exchange rate the way it is now’s a great time to buy. I saw Harvey Norman selling readers over the weekend and they are NOT the same – and are more expensive. So shop around.

  4. I think I have Kindle envy!! Sounds great Lyn, how long did shipping take? I totally agree, not the same as reading a physical book but sounds like fun!

  5. execva says:

    Shipping didn’t take long at all Sally. Non-US customers have to go to a different link to purchase – but it’s included on the site in plain view – and I think it was like less than 5 days.

  6. Sarah Huon says:

    I bought one for my husband in January for his 50th birthday and he absolutely LOVES it – he is reading it all the time and for the same reasons you do, the bookmarking, downloading, browsing, and uploading of PDF files. In fact, he seems to do nothing but read these days!!
    Hasn’t got me convinced, I think I’m going anti technology – I want a slower world, without mobile phones and answering machines and technology that changes every 5 minutes – c’est la vie!!

  7. Fiona says:

    I have seen a lot about the Kindle Lyn, so it’s great to read a review of someone who has purchased one.

    How do you find it reading on the screen as opposed to reading a page in a book?

    I think I’m a bit like Sarah and feeling anti-technology! I love my books and don’t know that holding/reading a “machine” would be quite the same!

    Having said that though, the thought of students having Kindle’s instead of lots of heavy text books to lug around is appealing. My eldest will be High School age next year – eeek.

    Fiona 🙂

  8. Love Hubbard says:

    I just recently recieved an offer from amazon regarding kindle. It sounds great! You are also able to download it to your blackberry. I am a little confused because it seems as if you can purchase a kindle system as well. It appears to be very pricey. I guess because it is new technology.

  9. execva says:

    Actually reading on the screen is pretty good as you can change the font size as well as the width of lines. You can also read in portrait or landscape. That was something that worried me but I was pleasantly surprised. The font size on-screen is actually bigger than in most books.

  10. execva says:

    I did read that they had a Blackberry app – though not sure why you’d use that … but then I don’t have a Blackberry! The Kindle system at Amazon for your PC or Mac is for management of the device as far as I understand it. I’ve not looked into it though – it could also be to actually download the newspaper and magazine subscriptions for reading on your computer. As I was only interested in having the device so I could be portable and take my PDFs with me for reading (read: be more efficient with my time!) the additional features have been a bonus, and I also haven’t looked much into the other things. Harvey Norman are selling a device which is similar and it is a LOT more expensive.

  11. Linda Raper says:

    Thanks, Lyn, for reminding me about this great invention – I’d heard about it, and pasted the thought to my “remember to find out more about this” cerebral vacuum! Now I’m going to combine it with your other blog about the importance of maintaining contact/love with siblings (and others), and am in the midst of a Skype chat with my gorgeous brother in NZ, who reads even more books than I do – to the point where he places his tome of the moment in his lap when he’s driving and reads a few lines while waiting at lights, etc! It’s the Sydney Writer’s Festival next month – wouldn’t that be a great venue for a sales stand?!

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