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“It may be surprising for some, but cost cutting is often not the main driver for offshoring. Almost two-thirds of the survey respondents said their primary objective was to expand their overall team. Others listed the ability to access specific knowledge and skills, extend their reach globally, or enable the ability to scale as new business comes in the door.”

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Uhm with respect – That’s BS. Expand their team? They could do that locally. Access to specific knowledge? Local. Ability to scale? Also local. Every single one of those “drivers” is itself driven by keeping costs down by going CHEAP.

Regular readers and attendees at my presentations will know I am NOT against offshoring per se – but I AM against businesses who make themselves out to be some philanthropic big shot when their real reasons are 100% driven by keeping costs down. Otherwise WHY ELSE WOULD YOU GO OVERSEAS TO WHERE IT IS … CHEAPER???

Offshore if you believe you are getting better value for money but be honest about why you are doing it. Team expansion, scalability, and accessing skills and knowledge you may not have in-house is NOT a reason when all those things are locally available.

Let’s bring a bit more authenticity back into business. And we can start by being honest about why we’re going overseas for support.


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