CloudOn App to be Discontinued


The people at CloudOn recently notified registered users that they are discontinuing the service from 15 March, 2015 and no new accounts are currently being accepted.


The app was launched three years ago and in the intervening period has become one of the most successful productivity apps in the App store, according to the developers.

They are now joining the Dropbox team and you can read the announcement here.

Registered users are being offered an extra 1GB of Dropbox storage for free or the opportunity to upgrade to Dropbox Pro for three months for free and get 1TB of space. If you’ve previously registered with CloudOn be sure to check your inbox (or junk mail in case you missed the email) to take advantage of the offer!

Extended Warranties and Returning Goods


It’s holiday season – a time for gift giving and Boxing Day Sales! But do you know your rights when it comes to warranties or returning goods? Regular readers will recall the article I wrote on the consumer guarantee laws (see here).

Here are a couple of great videos from the team at The Checkout well worth a look to get a better understanding of your rights when it comes to returning goods and extended warranties!

Returning Goods

Extended Warranties

Offshore hiring turns mainstream | Dynamic Business


“It may be surprising for some, but cost cutting is often not the main driver for offshoring. Almost two-thirds of the survey respondents said their primary objective was to expand their overall team. Others listed the ability to access specific knowledge and skills, extend their reach globally, or enable the ability to scale as new business comes in the door.”

via Offshore hiring turns mainstream | Dynamic Business – Small Business Advice – Forums | Dynamic Business Australia.

Uhm with respect – That’s BS. Expand their team? They could do that locally. Access to specific knowledge? Local. Ability to scale? Also local. Every single one of those “drivers” is itself driven by keeping costs down by going CHEAP.

Regular readers and attendees at my presentations will know I am NOT against offshoring per se – but I AM against businesses who make themselves out to be some philanthropic big shot when their real reasons are 100% driven by keeping costs down. Otherwise WHY ELSE WOULD YOU GO OVERSEAS TO WHERE IT IS … CHEAPER???

Offshore if you believe you are getting better value for money but be honest about why you are doing it. Team expansion, scalability, and accessing skills and knowledge you may not have in-house is NOT a reason when all those things are locally available.

Let’s bring a bit more authenticity back into business. And we can start by being honest about why we’re going overseas for support.


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Why and how to start taking your own pictures for presentations


Great article by Roger Courville’s blog on how NOT to use Google Images for your presentations!

Why and how to start taking your own pictures for presentations.


Facebook … wherefore art thou?


Facebook Down

Well the inevitable happened! Last night – for no matter how briefly – Facebook went offline!!! It was a very short time, but the shockwave was felt around the world!

At the time – national news time for us here on the east coast of Australia – I was about to start playing a game on my iPad (since I don’t particularly like watching the news) when I noticed my Facebook App trying to start up and crashing. I thought I’d somehow been hacked! I rebooted and tried again. Same problem. So I just put it aside and forced myself to watch the news.

Apparently, according to the Twitterverse went off as users were stuck in a limbo resembling something like one of Dante’s rings of hell. An entire generation had a collective aneurysm as smartphones and tablets hung lifeless in their zombie-like grasp. Okay maybe not, but you get the idea!

But in a very short space of time it was back, the world breathed a collective sigh of relief that we didn’t actually have to go back to talking to our families and friends face to face, and all was right with the world again.

It did however highlight one thing that I’ve been speaking about in recent podcasts over at The Virtual Business Show: users do not own Facebook. Relying on the cloud and third party providers to store your precious memories is, well in a word, irresponsible. Servers crash, data is lost, technology is by its very nature fallible. If you rely on it to house the great moments of your life (by which, I am not referring to what you ate for lunch) then you can be sure at some stage, those moments will be lost when some node somewhere fritzes.

Print those special photos and put them in a photo album – yes I think you CAN still get those somewhere! Keep a hard copy CV. And use social media as a toy – not something by which to define your existence.

Did you survive the Facebook apocalypse?

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