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If you’re one of the people who thinks social media is a fad at best, the devil reincarnate at worst then the following might interest you.

It was reported recently that Facebook is now being actively used to recruit staff by laser focusing ads that target specialist skills.

There is a misconception that Facebook is only for the young, but statistics have shown that people who spend more than 15 hours a week on the site are actually in the 40 to 65 age range.

British recruitment consultant Bill Boorman, who spoke recently at the Social Media 2011 conference in Melbourne, said recruiters have to get smarter about attracting people.

With Facebook, employers are able to target very small numbers of highly suitable people with advertising that appears on their personal Facebook pages. This method is fast, cheap and effective.

Boorman used the tactic to recruit 120 people for the opening of the Hard Rock Café in Florence, Italy when he arranged for ads to be launched to those who had nominated ‘rock and roll’ and certain bands as their interests. For US$75 he set up a community page with info, videos and pictures and collected 1000 fans in a day and 4000 applications in four weeks – even though none of the applicants were on Facebook to look for work. Interviews were conducted with 1000 applicants over 26 hours with a total cost per hire of $16. In addition, Boorman said there was a 95% acceptance rate.

In another campaign, he used Facebook games (eg Farmville, Cityville) to find high-achieving graduates for a client. He used targeted advertising within the games asking players to send their résumé in return for a cow or assistance with building a hospital. Applications from the target market of candidates rose 400%.

This also shows that potential applicants MUST be aware of their online brand. I’ve mentioned before how important your online brand is. I’ve heard stories of people who have lost clients, or have not been engaged directly as a result of something they posted on Facebook or tweeted. If you wouldn’t want your mum to see that picture or read your post, don’t put it up there because someone who you may not know yet, will eventually see it … and it may just cost you!



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