SEEK Job adverts – caution advised


There have been a few posts to VA lists of late about jobs advertised on lists like SEEK job placement boards. They might be for medical transcriptionists, typists, phone sales and so on.

I would urge caution to any VA who considered applying for one of these advertised positions.  For tax purposes you would potentially be considered an employee if you took on any of these roles. There are over 20 tests that are used to determine if you are an employee or independent contractor. If the providers of these jobs are telling you when to work and how to set the work out and when the work needs to come back, and what they’ll pay they are exercising a level of control over you which for tax purposes could define them as your employer. As such you would be entitled to employee benefits like super. In addition, you wouldn’t be able to make any claim for business expenses associated with working for them.

Kathie Thomas of A Claytons Secretary urges similar caution:

“Just because it’s an advert on a well known job seek site does not mean that all adverts are legit. I’ve found many scammers advertising and have often notified Seek (and other sites) of potential problems. They’ve often pulled adverts off the site as a result. You still need to keep your wits about you.”

Sound advice.

If you’re getting started as a VA sometimes these types of roles are useful in bringing money in to your practice but just be aware of the potential dangers to your business practice.

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