The Virtual Business Show is Launched!




That’s right! I have now started up our very own internet radio show which will cover topics of interest to VAs, virtual business owners, small businesses, those wanting to become VAs and those who want to work with them.

Our first episode is up covering the importance of continuing education.

You can download the podcast or subscribe so you’ll be notified of when new shows are added.

Why am I doing this? I began offering webinars to the industry in Australia via AVBN back in 2008. At that time nothing like that existed here in our timezone. After nearly three years offering these, it’s become apparent that even though they are free to AVBN financial members, $5 for our listserv members and $10 for everyone else, the take up rate is pretty poor.

There is a LOT of time involved in hosting webinars, not only running the event, but sourcing speakers, doing the training, sending out the information, collating the registrations, changing the access to the room, sending out the log in details, conducting the session, uploading the recording and managing the recording page so the download is available. My practice is incredibly busy – and the time involved in arranging and running the webinars wasn’t justified by the take up rate. Switching the format to a podcast/radio show means you can access this info but in your own time, whenever you like. It also means I can get the recording and editing of the podcast done and uploaded when I’m free and without sticking to a particular schedule and impacting my practice.

In addition, this year (2010) two other networks in Australia began offering webinars too, which means we went from zero learning opportunities in our timezone to three a month. I think it’s great that they have done this because it kind of takes the pressure off me a bit and means I can head in a different direction and offer something different and unique, giving virtual businesses here more options.

The webinars will continue through 2010 so there will be a library of three years’ worth of topics you can access.

So, check out the podcast show!

The first episode is now live so you can listen in to that, and subscribe to receive the notification of when the next show will be. I’ll also announce on the lists and the social media platforms.

I hope the industry will find this a useful addition to their learning opportunities.

© Lyn Prowse-Bishop, eSOS


  1. Monika says:

    Hi Lyn

    Great initiative – all the best with it. I’ll be looking forward to the upcoming episodes.

    Warm regards

  2. execva says:

    Thanks Monika! Exciting times!

  3. Bin says:

    Great initiative – all the best with it. I’ll be looking forward to the upcoming episodes.

  4. +1 for the effort. We can never have enough of this. We really are in need of education channels such as this. Thank you and good luck on everything!

    I am looking forward to many more episodes!

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