We’re 10!


February marks the 10th Anniversary of Executive Stress Office Support and I’m very excited to have reached such a big milestone. When statistically so many small – and micro – businesses fail in the first five years I’m very proud of the accomplishment.

But I could not have done it alone! Getting here has been dependent on the support and faith of some pretty amazing clients! My clients are incredibly loyal and many have been with me from almost day one. Here is a list of the longest-standing – I thank you all from the bottom of my heart:

Annemarie CrossAdvanced Employment Concepts – January 2002
Greg Cole GLORIAD – January 2002
Susun Weed/Justine SmytheThe Wise Woman Center – September 2002
Dr Camile Farah – Oral Medicine & Pathology – May 2003
Dr David Weissman/Dr Chris Grant – Millswyn Clinic – September 2006
Mike PalmerPreslane – November 2007

I would also like to acknowledge the following clients who, whilst they do not work with me daily, do continue to send work and have partnered with me for a long time:

David BeardCoastsure Insurance Agency – March 2002
Rana Jewell Beneath the Surface – December 2003

So how have I managed to stay in business this long?

First and foremost I have to say it’s with the support of my husband David. Without his buy-in I’d have been back at work for an employer long ago. I can’t stress enough how important it is for business owners to get the support of their life partner. Being in business for yourself is going to affect them too – positively AND negatively – and without their support and assistance you’re just not going to make it. When you’re starting out, sit down with them and talk about your goals and where you want to see the business go, and how you see it affecting them and your home life. David had a hard time initially when business impacted our family life but he quickly realised that this wasn’t a hobby and 10 years on it’s enabled him to semi-retire and do what HE loves!

Secondly, success is directly proportional to your level of service. My business motto is a simple one: under-promise and over-deliver.

Unfortunately customer service is a dying art. Many businesses seem to view customers as a necessary annoyance. And I’m sure you’ve all experienced it: the phone that takes forever to get answered; the tradesman who doesn’t turn up; the shoddy workmanship; the failure to take responsibility when a job isn’t completed on time or as expected.  It’s a bit like manners – people (especially children) rarely use basic manners anymore so, often, when a child does say please and thank you it rates a mention. Our daughter’s manners are always being commented on – not because she’s overly polite, but simply because shopkeepers rarely hear common courtesy these days.

It’s not hard to provide quality service and you will be remembered for it … quite simply because there’s so little of it around these days! Sad … but true and you can capitalise on it!

So what’s in store for the next 10 years? I expect to still be doing what I love and helping clients all over the world meet their goals and continue to enjoy the benefits that partnering with a professional VA brings them!

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